Is Trump dumb as skunk … sly as a fox?

Checking today’s polls …


This week, Trump gave a pretty good speech on his economic plan (<= my opinion) … and a mellow, favorably-reviewed speech to a homebuilders trade association.

But, he got blasted in the mainstream media for rallying 2nd amendment supporters (“obviously inciting violence against Hillary”) … and for referring to Obama & Clinton as founders of ISIS (since BHO pulled ALL troops from Iraq – leaving a hole that ISIS filled).

Here’s the ironic twist:

Trump started the week down 7.7 points on the RCP poll-of-polls.

Today, he’s down 6.3 … still a big number, but 1.4 better than the week started.




Of course, there were other forces at work: the typical dissipation of Hillary’s post-convention bounce … and, oh yeah, the email – Clinton Foundation thing …  she got caught with her hand in the cooking jar again.

Still, I wonder: was it the mainstream media that took the bait this time?

Blasting Trump, they spotlighted terror and gun rights … two of Trump’s strong suits.




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