WaPo: Trump approval at highest point ever…

5 point surge in past couple of months.


If it were Rasmussen, we’d have to dismiss it as right-side bias, but this is an ABC-Washington Post Survey that’s reporting that despite a constant barrage of negative media coverage and a majority feeling that he acts unpresidential:

Aided by a strong economy and perceptions that he has dealt with it effectively, President Trump’s approval rating has risen to the highest point of his presidency.


Specifically, his approval has gone from 42% in April to 47% in July … a 5-point gain.

He’s still underwater by 3 points — 47% to 50% … but that gap has closed from the 12 point deficit in April) 42% to 54%).

How can this possibly be?


Pundits are offering up several possible explanations:

1) The indisputably strong economy: low unemployment rising real wages, booming stock market.

2) The Russian fizzle: The Mueller report did exonerate Trump & friends of colluding with the Russians … and Dems attempts to keep the issue alive doesn’t seem to have much traction with the masses.

3) The Dem’s clown car of 2020 far-far-left presidential candidates … against “raise your hand if you want to give illegal immigrants free tax-payer funded healthcare”, Trump starts looking better.

But, the poll does point out that a majority thinks Trump act unpresidential … and his approval numbers on handling the abortion and climate change issues are in the tank — hovering around 30%.

Maybe, “it’s the economy, stupid” rings true.


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One Response to “WaPo: Trump approval at highest point ever…”

  1. John Milnes Baker Says:

    I wonder how many voters really think the country – and the World – would be better off if Hillary had won. As for the polls: Didn’t they all have Hillary winning 90 something percent right up the time the polls closed?

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