Our slant on last week’s COVID-19 news

Just in case you might have missed

Time to catch up on your HomaFiles reading:

“I was for hydroxychloroquine before I was against it”
… and other reasons that I couldn’t take the Dr. Bright seriously.

Data: Over half of C-19 deaths in nursing homes.

Oh my, what a disappointing Senate hearing…
Are these scientists just making things up as they go along?

COVID: How about squeezing the data and doing some old-fashioned profiling?
Hint: Go back and ask people who have been tested or hospitalized.

Survey: Some changes will endure post-coronavirus…

Gottleib: “We thought we’d be in a better place by now”
More deaths than expected … daily deaths on a plateau.

Birx: “Nothing from the CDC that I can trust”

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  1. Our slant on last week’s COVID news… | The Homa Files Says:

    […] Our slant on the prior week’s COVID-19 news … week of May 10 […]

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