The Virginia election in four pictures…

There were a couple of events (and people) who impacted Youngkin’s election victory.

Father of Assaulted Schoolgirl


A Loudoun County father is arrested for “disrupting” a school board meeting by calling attention to his daughter’s sexual assault in a girls bathroom.

School board members denied the claim, but … the perpetrator — a gender-fluid, biological male wearing a skirt — was subsequently convicted of the crime.


Merrick Garland


AG Merrick Garland responded to a National School Board letter, which was coordinated with  White House staffers, calling parents “domestic terrorists” by issuing orders to District Attorneys and the FBI to surveil parents at school board meetings and crack down with the full force of law … then expresses bewilderment that his action might be interpreted as suppressing parents’ freedom of speech.


President Biden



Along with other Democratic personalities (Obama, Harris, Abrams, et. al.), President Biden swept in to rally support for McAuliffe.

His cameo reminded voters that McAuliffe is inextricably intertwined with him and his policies … policies that 77% of Americans think have the country moving in the wrong direction.

McAuliffe dreamed of a similar picture showing Youngkin and Trump joined at the hip … but his wildest dreams never materialized.


Randi Weingarten


McAuliffe literally closed out his campaign by middle-fingering parents concerned about their children’s education.

At his final campaign rally, McAuliffe showcased his education alter ego, Randi Weingarten … President of the American Federation of Teachers President.

Weingarten personifies the clout of teachers’ unions (over parental involvement) … and, is probably the person who bears “the most responsibility for many school systems’ total abdication of responsibility to families during the COVID-19 pandemic.” Source


Bottom line: Youngkin was a strong candidate who ran a great campaign  … but he might not have prevailed without some help from McAuliffe’s “friends”.


P.S. And, don’t forget that Facebook and Twitter banned Trump on social media … essentially silencing him during the campaign.

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