Key Senate Races: Near-Final Scorecard

What the polls are saying…
Yesterday, we recapped the betting markets and odds.

Today — the day before the mid-term elections — let’s recap the major polls: the RCP poll-of-polls, Trafalgar (right-leaning, historically accurate), NYT/Sienna (left-lurching) and, of course, Nate Silver’s 535.

Bottom line:

  • Runaway for Vance in Ohio
  • Strong lean to Laxalt in Nevada
  • Slight lean to Walker in GA (Kemp’s coattails, UGA football is the talk of the state and Hershel’s a UGA football icon)
  • Pollster duel in PA: Trafalgar has Oz up by 2; Silver has Fetterman winning … in rallies Trump drew an overflow of 17,000; Obama only filled half of a 10,000 seat arena
  • Masters close but no cigar in in Arizona


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