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Women & children, widows & orphans … a week of mumbo jumbo.

November 20, 2015

We’re all used to politicians and government officials saying dumb stuff, but still, this week stands out, doesn’t it?

First, President Obama declares confidently he has ISIS contained.

A few hours later, ISIS radicals kill 129 innocent people in Paris.


Contained where? To the face of the earth?


Then, to show sympathy to the French, he declares the murderers’ rampage to be a “minor setback” in the non-war on terror.

Minor setback?

Tell that to the families of the 129.


When asked about the Paris massacres, Hillary refused to even call the perps “radical Islamic terrorists”, for fear that their feeling might get hurt.

Say, what?

Then she declared that “we’re not at war with Islam, we’re fighting jihadists, not radical Islamic terrorists”.

Memo to Mrs. Clinton from Merriam-Webster:



In other words, a jihadist is a radical Islamic terrorist, you knucklehead.

And, it doesn’t end there.


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