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Re: Comey … WSJ got it right … in 2013!

June 21, 2017

Comey never has been a political….


Prior to last July, Comey was branded as independent, high integrity and apolitical.


While people seemed shocked these days, his stripes were clear years ago.





The Wall Street Journal had the guy pegged right all along.


I was wrong, very wrong … but somebody had it right.

July 7, 2016

A very loyal reader sent me an email reminding me of a post from last December when the GOP Presidential primary race was heating up.

My nomination for President … experience, integrity, leadership.

Who was my pick?

You guessed it: James Comey.



Among Comey’s  qualities that I lauded were:

· High Integrity: Consistently praised by both ends of the political spectrum — not for being bi-partisan, but for being non-partisan

· Apolitical: He’s clearly “in the game” for the right reasons – to serve the country and its people.

· Independent: Earned enough FU-money in his real world jobs that he can’t be bought or swayed.

I thought that I was on safe ground since I had even fact-checked with somebody very, very close to Comey who assured me that the Director was the real deal.


I got it wrong … but somebody had the guy pegged right all along.