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SBUX’s Schultz: "We can’t wait for Washington.”

October 13, 2011

I guess I shouldn’t be poking fun at this one, but I can’t resist …

First, the facts:

Excerpted from WSJ : Starbucks Pushes to Create Jobs

Starbucks  CEO Howard Schultz, who has been on a mission to cut the national debt and boost job creation, has pledged to donate at least $100,000 of profits annually  to boost jobs in low-income areas

Profits from Starbucks stores in the Harlem section of Manhattan and the Crenshaw neighborhood of Los Angeles will go toward two community organizations that work to improve education and job training for young adults in those areas.

High-school students in those neighborhoods also will receive barista training at the Starbucks shops.

Ken’s Take:

1) $100,000 ???  Come on Howard, that’s the equivalent of about 50 lattes per day … if you’re going to step-up, then STEP-UP !

2) Can’t you just imagine the reaction of the neighborhood kids … “Hot damn, dreams come true, I can be a Barista”

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