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About that GM success story ….

May 2, 2012

Team Obama is touting the rousing success of GM. 

You know, Bin Laden is dead; the UAW is alive.

Oops, Imeant GM is alive.

Hmmm.  Let’s see …

The original GM stockholders — you know, your grandma and the pension funds — got completely wiped out.

The secured creditors got about 65% of their principal wiped out.

And privileged folks got the opportunity to buy stock in the new GM.

Those share have declined by 30% from the $33 IPO price ,,, a 50 point spread vs, the S&P 500 which increased  20% over the same period.

That’s a loss of about $16 Billion in market cap in about 18 months.

Now, that’s what I call a roaring success … many more successes and we really will be bankrupt.


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