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Hybrid owners: “Been there, done that”

April 26, 2012

TakeAway: Recent study shows hybrid vehicles lack repeat purchasers.

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Excerpt from AdAge: “Usually No Encore for Hybrid Buyers”

Only about one out of three hybrid vehicle owners chooses to buy another hybrid, according to a study by research firm Polk.

The good news for automakers is that a high percentage of the return buyers remain loyal to the brand, even if they don’t buy another hybrid.

In the case of hybrids, rising fuel prices, to more than $4 a gallon in some places, has so far had “little impact” on hybrid buying decisions, the report said.

“The lineup of alternate-drive vehicles aren’t appealing enough to consumers to give the segment the momentum it once anticipated.”

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Toyota targets new hybrid launches at young buyers …

January 20, 2012

Question: How many total hybrid cars or trucks sold in the US are Toyota Priuses?

Answer: Nearly 50%.

Toyota hopes to grow its share of the hybrid market with new product launches, such as the Prius C –  “c” for city, to attract young buyers.

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Excerpted from, “NAIAS Action: Toyota Woos Younger Buyers with Hybrids

Toyota and Honda …  have been gearing up new products they’re hoping will begin attracting Americans back to their brands this year …

Toyota  showed off its new Prius c — the “c” in the name is for city — a small entry in its growing “family” of Prius hybrids, and bowed its NS4 concept plug-in hybrid that should see the market around 2015.

… Toyota is  reaffirming its commitment to the long-term future of a type of propulsion that it pioneered with the Prius hybrid.

Toyota also plans to introduce a “plug-in” Prius, a la the Chevrolet Volt, sometime this year, as well as a Scion iQ EV and a second generation of its Toyota RAV4 EV, an SUV, in small volumes.

“Young buyers on a budget have seen hybrids as out of reach… The next three years … will be a critical period for gauging consumer interest in other advanced technologies.

Cost and convenience will remain the key challenges during this period. [Also], refueling infrastructure remains a distinct challenge”  …

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