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So much for an informed electorate …

September 4, 2012

According to, total viewership of Romney’s speech:

image  .

Ken’s Take:

FOX’s share was greater than #2 ABC and #3 NBC combined … before you say “yeah, it was the GOP convention” … I’m betting FOX outdraws the other nets for the DNC

Only about 25 million people watched … down over 31% from 2008.  So much for an informed electorate … I guess if if the vast majority of undecideds watched it’s ok.

I channel switched between FOX and CNN …  felt sorry for CNN … pretty good stable of commentators – arguably better than FOX’s, save for the leftie flame-throwers like Begala …. surprised their ratings free-fell

MSNBC has become a parody of a news network … does anybody take them seriously? It should merge with Comedy Central.

Speaking of which … What if Comedy Central had broadcast the convention – hosted by Stewart & Colbert?  Would be interesting to see the draw since many young voters and older liberals get most of their their news from Comedy Channel.

On balance, I’m disappointed more people didn’t watch …

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