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VAX: I got mine … and it wasn’t easy!

February 16, 2021

Some hints if you’re still in the hunt.
For me, last Thursday was like every other day since the COVID vaccines were launched.

Up at 4 a.m. to scan my current set of potential vaccination sites: Maryland state (which controls the 6-Flags mass vaccination site), Anne Arundel County (which controls the sites closest to my home and has us on their digital pre-registration list), local Hospitals (2 of them, also on their “vaccine interest” lists), local grocery chains (2 of them, supplied by AA County) … and, two new additions: CVS and Walgreens.

Conservatively, I estimate that I’ve spent well over 100 hours trying to break through the scheduling sites; have made literally thousands of site visits; and, even learned how to set my browsers to auto-refresh web pages, hoping that trick would supplement my manual click-ons.

Warning: That last hack has a potential downside. You lose your spot in the online queue at some scheduling sites if you refresh their web pages.

Last Thursday, my search priorities were the new additions: Walgreen’s and CVS.


Feb. 16: COVID Tracking Stats

February 16, 2021

Cases & Deaths


Note: For timely relevance, the starting point for this chart is set to November 1 … before the recent surge in cases and deaths. At the index starting date, cases were ~ 100K and deaths were ~ 1,000 per day.


Case Fatality Rate

    See Why is the Case Fatality Rate increasing?