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VAX: Should people who have had COVID get vaccinated?

February 22, 2021

If yes, when and how many doses?

My first reaction: They already have immunity, right?

So, c’mon man, don’t suck up any of the scarce vaccine supply that could otherwise flow to the vulnerables.

But, I can understand why a COVID survivor would want to get vaccinated … especially if their previous bout with the virus was nasty or they are experiencing lingering side-effects.

So, what does “the science” and the data say?

“The science” is unsettled as to whether the infection-generated antibodies are sufficiently potent and long-lasting to provide sufficient immunity.

Worldwide, there are few reported cases of people catching COVID a second time . Source

That makes sense since there is evidence that “important markers of immunity remain strong months after infection.” Source

But, having immunity markers does not necessarily mean that survivors can’t get sick again or spread the virus unwittingly while asymptomatic. Source

So, Tony Fauci — the nation’s Chief Political Scientist, Tony Fauci, has asserted on talk-shows that “COVID-19 survivors should still get vaccinated.”

Case closed, right?

Maybe, but let’s reframe the issue…


Feb. 22: COVID VAX Stats

February 22, 2021

Vaccine Supply & Vaccinations


Vaccinations per Day


Vaccine Stockpile    Doses NOT Administered


Feb. 22: COVID Tracking Stats

February 22, 2021

Cases & Deaths


Note:  At the index starting date, cases were
~ 100K and deaths were ~ 1,000 per day.


Case Fatality Rate

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at a high level?