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VAX: Breaking thru the vaccination bottlenecks…

February 15, 2021

“Requires some dramatic, untested, and controversial strategies.”

That’s the conclusion in a recent Atlantic article that argues:

Building herd immunity requires vaccinating 75 percent of the U.S. population.

Doing so by summer  would require hundreds of millions of doses by June.

To achieve those levels we need to  vaccinate the most Americans we can right now and ramp up quickly to 3 million shots per day.

Doing so requires that we break the existing bottlenecks.

Specifically, the author identifies four main bottlenecks to accelerating vaccinations are:

  1. Authorization: You can’t receive a vaccine that the FDA hasn’t authorized or approved.
  2. Supply: Even with several vaccines authorized, you can’t get vaccinated if there’s a critical shortage of shots.
  3. Distribution: Even with lots of vaccines available, we still need to distribute them to states, cities, hospitals, and clinics and create eligibility rules that people can understand.
  4. Demand: Even if the public-health establishment does everything right, that won’t matter if Americans don’t want a vaccine.

So, how to break the bottlenecks?


Feb. 15: COVID VAX Stats

February 15, 2021

Vaccine Supply & Vaccinations


Vaccinations per Day


Vaccine Stockpile    Doses NOT Administered


Feb. 15: COVID Tracking Stats

February 15, 2021

Cases & Deaths


Note: For timely relevance, the starting point for this chart is set to November 1 … before the recent surge in cases and deaths. At the index starting date, cases were ~ 100K and deaths were ~ 1,000 per day.


Case Fatality Rate

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