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Basic economics: What happens when demand outraces supply?

February 20, 2020

Yesterday, we posted: Has ObamaCare provided more healthcare?

On cue,  WSJ ran a complementary op-ed by Sally Pipes — a healthcare policy expert: Medicare for All Could Mean Doctors for None.

Pipes’ fundamental conclusion:

Everyone would have coverage, but that’s not the same thing as care.

More specifically:

Patients would have to compete for appointments with a dwindling number of overloaded and underpaid doctors.


Here’s the logic and facts that underlie Pipes’ conclusions…


Ouch: Employer health plans now cost over $20,000 per family.

September 30, 2019

How long until employers jump on the Medicare-for-All bandwagon?


According to a Kaiser Foundation survey reported in the WSJ, annual health insurance premiums rose 5% in 2019 to hit $20,576 for an employer-provided family plan.


Drilling down on the increase….


What’s the biggest middle class tax break?

August 8, 2019

Hint: Medicare For All would eliminate it and nobody seems to be talking about it.


Anybody remember the Simpson-Bowles Report?


It was commissioned by President Obama shortly after he was first elected … reported out in 2010 …  and trash-canned shortly thereafter … since it predictably recommended spending cuts and  tax increases.

According to Simpson-Bowles, the “biggest“Federal tax break” is ….


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