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Lady Gaga’s army of LittleMonsters goes viral …

June 13, 2012

Punch line: Claiming the title of the first user to hit 25 Million followers on twitter, Lady Gaga has an army of fans who rely on social media.

Gaga is now launching her own social media site,

The site will be similar to Pinterest and Tumblr, and will eventually be monetized.

Advertisers will be able to use to reach Gaga’s 25 Million global followers with products and services specifically targeted at these consumers.

In the never-ending world of social media trends, this innovation opens up new opportunities for marketers around the world.

Excerpted from brandchannel, “Lady Gaga Gets Ready to Unveil Little Monsters Social Network.”

Lady Gaga is launching her social network, this summer, as her fame catapults to 25 million followers on Twitter — the first user to hit that milestone. 

Still invite-only platform in beta with fewer than 100,000 users, sneak peeks at the site’s design show a highly visual interface that’s similar to Pinterest, with a collage of tiled photos that when scrolled over, link to each Little Monster’s user profile. Each profile page … includes a Calendar, Monsters (other members in their network), Messages, Events, What’s Hot and New on the site plus Gaga News, other exclusive content, and a link to the Monster Code (of behavior). Members can “like” someone else’s post, share it on other social networks, comment and help each other’s content go viral across the network.

The secret of Little Monsters … is how it’s aggregating a global network of digital identities, platforms and passions into one community, united by their passion for Brand Gaga — it’s as much about them and inspiring and connecting with each other, so not a platform for idolatry.

Naturally, it will also appeal to advertisers, and the community will be monetized.  Founders believe there is strong advertising potential by using top influencers, instead of Lady Gaga herself. “The provocative and eccentric pop icon with her 50 million Facebook fans and 25 million Twitter followers, is the ultimate mediator and moderator for a generation that has never known a Web-free world.” After all, they were all born this way — digital natives to the core.

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There will only be one Lady Gaga … on Facebook, that is.

February 29, 2012

Punch line: Tighter controls. More credibility? Facebook will now verify celebrity stage or pen names to create accounts for the likes of Lady Gaga.

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Excerpted from “Facebook to launch verified accounts with pseudonyms

… In an effort to root out impostors, Facebook will reportedly soon allow celebrities and other public figures to verify their accounts in much the same way that Twitter does.

The social network will begin notifying public figures with many subscribers tomorrow that they can verify their accounts by submitting an image of a government-issued ID, allowing them to display a preferred pseudonym instead of their birth name, according to a TechCrunch report. Facebook will then manually approve the “alternative names” to confirm they are the real stage names or pen names.

Facebook users must be chosen to participate in the program; there is no way to volunteer for verification. However, unlike Twitter, verified accounts will not receive a special badge indicating verified status.

Verification will allow celebrities such as Stefani Germanotta to be more readily accessible to fans when her name is officially listed as Lady Gaga instead of what’s on a birth certificate.


However, as on Twitter, the influx of impostors has become an inconvenience for both Facebook and fans alike.

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What do b-school profs and Lady Gaga have in common?

November 3, 2011

Earlier this week we posted about the high – and increasing — cost of college.

As a throwaway point, we mentioned that the annual tuition in Georgetown’s MBA program is about $50,000 … $49,638 to be precise.

That caught some attention, so let’s put the number in perspective.

A Gtown MBA student takes 18 module-courses per year … so. the tuition works out to about $2,750 per module-course.

Each module-course is two classes per week for 7 weeks … so, the tuition works out to about $200 for each of the 14 class sessions.

Let’s put that number in perspective.

According to, Lady Gaga ticket prices averaged $182.43 on last year’s Monster Ball Tour … about the same as an MBA class session.



A couple of hours of Lady Gaga or 75 minutes soaking in some b-school wisdom … bring your wallet and take your pick.


P.S. For the record, I think of that $200 number every time I walk into a classroom. Move over Gaga.

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