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Was South Korea’s COVID success really attributable to testing?

March 20, 2020

Testing — which wasn’t as “mass” as headlined — is only part of the story. 

It’s indisputable that South Korea has done a masterful job attacking COVID-19.


How did they do it?

Practically all of the punditry has centered on SoKo’s fast-to-market and aggressive testing procedures.

For example, Time says: “Countries (such as Korea) that have flattened the curve made testing widely and freely available, using innovative approaches like mass drive-thru test centers.”

Forbes said: “South Korea’s cumulative curve has indeed flattened somewhat. That’s primarily due to the government moving swiftly to ensure free and widespread public testing for COVID-19.

The implication: If the US just had more test kits and pop-up testing stations, we’d be able to get this outbreak under control pronto.

But, there’s way more to the story  … SoKo also took strong enforcement actions based on the test results. 

Here’s the story….