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Correlation doesn’t prove causation, but…

March 11, 2020

The WSJ mapped the incidence of coronavirus.

Channeling data from Johns Hopkins, the WSJ reports that — as of Tuesday night, March 10 — the U.S. has 1,025 confirmed cases of corona virus … and, 25 confirmed coronavirus-related deaths … 23 of which occurred in the Seattle area nursing home.

Below is a geographical visualization of the confirmed cases.

Note the concentrations (i.e. the big bubbles) in Washington State, California and NY/NJ/NE.


Now, mentally juxtapose that map onto this one which displays the state-by-state results of the 2016 presidential election.


See any pattern?

Of course, we’re dealing with small numbers and, again, correlation doesn’t prove causation.

That said, the coronavirus concentrations might be explained by the urban population densities in Washington, California and NY/NJ/NE … or, it might just be that those locations are ports-of-entry for foreign travelers … with Wash & Cali being primary entry points for  travelers coming from virus- originating Asian countries..

Or, it could be related to public health conditions in the locales … think homeless rates and poop in the streets of SF / LA /Seattle.

Or, it might be that folks living in fly-over country are healthier stock.

Draw your own conclusion.


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