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Let’s make COVID testing actionable…

March 16, 2020

Seriously, who should get priority for COVID testing?


COVID-19 testing has been getting a lot of attention recently since availability of test kits has been late and slow.


  • TV pundit-doctors complain that they can’t get tests done on their patients.
  • Some people are anxious to know if they have been infected.
  • Scientists are dismayed that they don’t have enough data to accurately calibrate the problem.

The current answer: Google-enabled pop-up, drive-thru testing stations for people who have COVID symptoms (and want to be tested).

My question: Is that the right answer?

I think not…


California: “Isolate the elderly and chronically ill”

March 16, 2020

Governor Newsome flips the COVID-19 paradigm

The focused scientific advisories — at least until this weekend — have been for people  infected (or believed to be infected) by the coronavirus  but not requiring hospitalization to self-quarantine by isolating themselves at home for 14 days.


The game started to change during last Friday’s Federal COVID Task Force press conference.

Eldercare facilities were directed to put a moratorium on visitors and try to get all personnel tested.

Then, last night, Governor Newsome  directed California seniors and people with chronic diseases (e.g. heart and respiratory diseases, diabetics and asthmatics)  or compromised immune systems to self-quarantine during the coronavirus crisis.

Perhaps, for the first time ever, I agree agree with Gov. Newsome on something.

Let’s dive a little deeper…