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Shocker: NYC contact tracing program off to a “slow start”

June 25, 2020

Infected people are hard to locate and reluctant to give up their contact info.

According to the NY Times…

Since June 1, NY has been ramping up its Covid test & trace program.

About 50,000 people are being tested each day.

  • Note: Scant info is reported on who is being tested … People with symptoms? Curious people without symptoms? Random samples?

The goal is to contact everybody who tests positive … and then identify and contact everybody who has recently come in close contact (within 6 feet for more than 15 minutes) … and urge the contacts to get tested and self-quarantine.


Sounds easy enough, right?

So, what’s the problem?


June 25: C-19 Key NATIONAL & STATES Data

June 25, 2020

805 Daily New Deaths Worldometer
> 7-day average 620
> Peaked on April 21



Cumulative Deaths 
124,281 Worldometer
185,661 by Oct 4 @ current 7-day M.A.

IHME Model Cume US Death Projection:
201,129 by Oct 1 UP 12,239 on June 15


Key States Data

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Bottom 39 states with 25 or more New Deaths:
AZ (79)  TX (42)  AL (27)