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Remember when the med-science community told young adults that the virus wouldn’t hurt them?

June 29, 2020

Apparently, that’s a bell that can’t be unrung … and young “invincibles” are driving current coronavirus case spikes

There’s no denying that that confirmed Covid cases have bumped back up to prior peak levels … about 30.000 new cases per day.


Digging a little deeper…

New cases have dropped from sky-high levels in the Northeast … and held relatively constant in the Midwest.


But, cases have exploded in the West and the South

Source: WSJ

One obvious point: hot weather doesn’t seem to kill off the virus.

And, there is some chatter that virus-spreading air conditioning systems may be spreading the virus (think: Legionnaires disease).

But, most determining,, there has been a huge shift in the demographic profile of the cases which suggests that young invincibles aren’t so invincible after all…


June 29: C-19 Key NATIONAL & STATES Data

June 29, 2020

299 Daily New Deaths Worldometer
> 7-day average 583
> Peaked on April 21



Cumulative Deaths 
128,437 Worldometer
183,808 by Oct 1 @ current 7-day M.A.

IHME Model Cume US Death Projection:
179,106 by Oct 1 UP 22,023 on June 25


Key States Data

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None of the Bottom 39 states reported 25 or more New Deaths