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WSJ: Not to worry, hospitals have capacity.

June 19, 2020

Today, the  WSJ concedes that  cases have spiked in some areas but advises us to…

Focus on the burden on hospitals, not on models’ oft-mistaken forecasts .


Specifically, the WSJ points out that — even in currently reported hot spots — hospitals have substantial unused capacity (beds) to cope with spikes …and, medical staffs are better prepared to treat patients more efficiently and more effectively.

Here are the numbers…


June 19: C-19 Key NATIONAL & STATES Data

June 19, 2020

747 Daily New Deaths Worldometer
> 7-day average 666
> Peaked on April 21



Cumulative Deaths 
120,688 Worldometer
193,231 by Oct 4 @ current 7-day M.A.

IHME Model Cume US Death Projection:
201,129 by Oct 1 UP 12,239 on June 15


Key States Data

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Bottom 39 states with 25 or more New Deaths:
NC (54)  TX (37)  AZ (32)  GA (30)