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VAX Quest: “We’d like to help, but…”

January 25, 2021

For those anxiously following my quest to get vaccinated …

I was prematurely optimistic last night when I received a text message from my home county’s health department:

Vaccine eligibility expands tomorrow (Monday Jan 25) to all Marylanders age 65+.

Find a hospital, pharmacy, or local provider at

Late last night (and very early this morning), I checked (and rechecked and rechecked…) the web sites of state & county public health departments, all hospitals within 50 miles, and the 2 authorized retailers (Walmart & Giant Food Stores) … .

Note: That’s not as easy as it sounds.

For openers, it’s a couple of dozen sites

Each “entity” has its own site, its own view of what the current gov’t policies are, and its own scheduling system (or, should I say, “non-scheduling system”).

Most of the scheduling systems are either overlaid on (and overloading) existing patient portals … or are being developed on the fly.

The majority of the sites ultimately just redirect visitors back to the state & county sites. 

Bottom line: no appointment slots and little indication that here would be any forthcoming any time soon.

The ray of hope: Most of the sites were still displaying last week’s info (‘e.g. “all appointments for the week of Jan. 18 are now filled”).  They clearly hadn’t been updated over the weekend, in advance of this week’s rush.

I’m sympathetic that these delivery entities just had the vaccination challenge dumped into their laps and are now trying their best to get up and running.

It’s easy to glean the frustration that the vaccinators have with the government rules, processes and support.

Here is how the frustration is well-stated by a world-class medical center in Baltimore:

While we are eager to be a vaccine resource for all of our patients and the public but, per state and district authorization, we are only permitted to vaccinate very specific groups of individuals.

The current vaccine supply provided to us is extremely small.

We are informed by state and district officials about anticipated vaccine delivery on a weekly basis.

This limits our ability to schedule new, first-dose appointments for more than a week at a time.

Our phone systems are overloaded with requests for appointments. We must keep our phone lines clear for people with urgent and acute medical care needs.

We are establishing a call center, and when we are able to schedule by phone we will communicate this to our patients and the public.

As supply is so small, we encourage our patients and community members to take advantage of any opportunity to schedule a vaccination appointment through other state and local health care organizations and agencies.

If you are offered the COVID-19 vaccine by another vaccination site, please take it.

You should not wait to get the vaccine from us.

Suffice it to say that this organization is well intended, deep in medical expertise and, as I said before, world-class.


P.S. I just got this from my home county’s health department (the one that texted last night that my group was live):


Ouch. My optimism has faded a bit.

Nothing like gov’t run healthcare during a pandemic.

Joe’s 100-in-100 Goal: A lay-up or a long 3-pointer?

January 25, 2021

In a post early last week (Jan. 18 to be specific), I commended Biden for elevating the priority of “shots in arms”  … you know, the ”100 million in 100 days” thing.

But, I asked: 100 million what — 100 million doses or 100 million people fully vaccinated (i.e. having gotten both doses).

Specifically, I opined:

This may sound like nit-picky semantics, but it’s a big difference.

If it’s 100 million doses, it’s a lay-up.

Last week, we were already hovering around 1 million shots per der day … best day was over 1 million; 7-day average was 775k per day.

Simple math: 1 million doses per day times 100 days equals, drum roll, 100 million “shots in arms”.

But having 100 million people fully vaccinated (i.e. both doses) is a long 3-point shot (from about mid-court).

My back-of-envelope estimate is that 100 million doses in 100 days would translate to about 70 million people fully vaccinated (since many folks will be taking 2 bites of the apple).

That’s a big difference … but still a commendable goal (especially if my wife & I are among the 70 million!).

Well, it took a couple of days but at last Thursday, a reporter sheepishly asked Biden if the goal shouldn’t be a bit higher since we’re already doing over a million shots a day.


Biden’s answer: ‘When I originally announced the goal, you guys said it couldn’t be done. C’mon man, give me a break.”

I think the reporter may have touched a nerve…


Jan. 25: COVID Data Dashboard

January 25, 2021

Vaccinations: U.S. Total
Doses Distributed    41.4 MM
Doses Inoculated    21.8 MM
% Pop Vaxed           6.6 %
Current Day Shots  1,312 K
7-day average         1,678 K <<<<<

Source: CDC   Updated: 1/24/2021

429,490 Deaths-to-Date

1,844 Daily New Deaths  (peak 4,100 Jan. 12)
> 7-day average 3,206      (peak 3,446 Jan. 14)


Confirmed Cases
134,820 New Cases
> 7-day average  169,582

Currently Hospitalized
 Current level
> 7-day average 118,688