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What did Trump know and when did he know it?

September 2, 2020

Trump’s pandemic response triggered by a Sept. 2019 Report.

During the DNC, Gov. Cuomo echoed the Dem talking point that the Trump administrations Covid-19 response has been “dysfunctional and incompetent” … that the federal government “couldn’t fight off the virus. In fact, Trump didn’t even see it coming.”

With that in mind, an op-ed in the WSJ a week ago caught my eye:

The White House Prepared for a Pandemic: A September 2019 report laid the groundwork for Operation Warp Speed

The authors  were on the team that wrote a September 2019 White House report that (1) calibrated the likelihood of a pandemic (2) identified rapid vaccine development as the key to an effective response, and (3) recommended policies and actions to speed vaccine development.


Based on the report and its follow-up, the authors assert:

“The administration was well aware of the threat of a pandemic before the novel coronavirus emerged … and there was “immediate presidential action” to implement the reports recommendations.

Specifically, they report:

On Sept. 19, a few days after the CEA issued its report, the president signed Executive Order 13887.

The essence of the Executive Order:

It is the policy of the United States to modernize the domestic virus vaccine enterprise to be highly responsive, flexible, scalable, and more effective at preventing the spread of viruses.

This is a public health and national security priority, as viruses have the potential to significantly harm the United States and our interests, including through large-scale illness and death, disruption to military operations, and damage to the economy.

The EO created several initiatives to modernize vaccine production, including “incentives for the development and production of vaccines by private manufacturers and public-private partnerships.”

In other words, the September 2019 White House report and the EO that quickly followed laid the groundwork for Operation Warp Speed — perhaps, the most critical component of the coronavirus response, hastening the development and launch of therapeutic drugs and vaccines.

Coming: A drill down on the Dec. 2019 White House Report

Sept. 2: Election Odds & Polls

September 2, 2020

Trump takes lead in RCP Betting Average

RCP – Betting Average  of 6 books’ odds
Biden 49.7  Trump 49.8  Lead +.1

Yesterday:            50.9 48.6 +2.3
Biden July Best :
   60.9 30.6 +24.3 
Pre-conventions:   55.6 43.3 +12.3


PredictIt   online betting site
Biden 57  Trump 46  Lead 11

Trump Best Aug 31:   53 48 +7
Biden Best July 23
 :   63 39 +24 
Pre-conventions:       60 43 +17

RCP – Poll of Polls
Biden 49.6  Trump 43.4  Lead 6.2  Undecided 7.0
Note: Only 2 of 7 polls since Aug.25

538 – Chance of Winning  Nate Silver
Biden 70  Trump 30  Lead 40

Sept. 2: C-19 Data Dashboard

September 2, 2020

188,900  Deaths-to-Date

1,164 Daily New Deaths  (peak 2,824 April 21)
> 7-day average 935    (peak 2.229 April 23)

41,979  New Cases
> 7-day average  39,319


Details below…