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Nuts: Georgia wimps out on its vote check.

November 15, 2020

This is very disappointing news…

Last week, Georgia’s Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger broke news that he was ordering a hand recount and audit of the state’s election results.

That sounded like very good news … setting a reasonable expectation that illegitimate mail-in ballots would be tossed … and, that Dominion computer counts would be cross-checked.

But, hopes of a rigorous vote-check have all but vanished.


The temperature – COVID connection …

November 15, 2020

A team of researchers at Goldman Sachs turned on their regression machines and found a compelling relationship between outside temperature and CODID case confirmations.

Goldman’s bottom line: As temperatures get colder, the incidence of COVID cases increases — pretty dramatically, regardless of local COVID mitigation policies.    Source


Goldman points out that’s not surprising since:

Most other coronaviruses (i.e. the common cold), along with various influenza strains, are heavily influenced by temperature and seasonal effects (hence “flu season.

Why is that?

  • Researchers have found that the human immune system weakens in cold temperature, making people more vulnerable to viruses
  • Cold weather forces more people to be indoors more often, making them susceptible to infection if a  “carrier” breaches their poorly ventilated “bubble”.

===== =======

My add: Note that 72 to 80 degrees is the sweet spot.  That’s the temp at which most people turn off their homes HVAC systems, reducing the circulation of any airborne contaminants.  Hmmm.

Nov. 15: C-19 Data Dashboard

November 15, 2020

251,256 Deaths-to-Date

1,250 Daily New Deaths  (peak 2,824 April 21)
> 7-day average 1,130    (peak 2.229 April 23)



Confirmed Cases

163,473  New Cases
> 7-day average  142,939

> Highest day        170,733  Nov. 13
> April 24 peak      36,291
> June 8 low point  17,414

Currently Hospitalized

69,453  Current level

> Highest day    69,453  Nov. 14
> Prior Peak       59,719  July 23
> Lowest point   27,895  June 14