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Face it: Mail-in ballot verification is a sham!

November 19, 2020

Specifically, high-volume signature verification is a pipe dream.

Let’s start with some basics, illustrated with my personal experience…

Last year, when I retired, I officially moved from Virginia to scenic Annapolis, Maryland.

Dutifully, I marched into the DMV to get a Maryland driver’s license.


As part of the process, I had to “write” my signature on an electronic pad to create a  digital recording of it.

Note: For physical and behavioral reasons — how we write and how careful we are –these electronic signatures are known to be problematic … this is, they are oftern poor representations of a person’s “real” manual signature.  Anybody who has used one of these devices knows what I’m talking about.

And, as part of the Maryland licensing process, I was offered the chance to simultaneously register to vote.  I did.

Note: My voter registration’s “signature” was, of course, the same electronic facsimile that got posted to my driver’s license. This is important later in my story

So far, so good.


Now, let’s got through my recent encounter with the absentee voting process…


Nov. 19: C-19 Data Dashboard

November 19, 2020

256,218 Deaths-to-Date

1,920 Daily New Deaths  (peak 2,824 April 21)
> 7-day average 1,277    (peak 2.229 April 23)


Confirmed Cases

169,796  New Cases
> 7-day average  159,360

> Highest day        170,733  Nov. 13
> April 24 peak      36,291
> June 8 low point  17,414

Currently Hospitalized

79,410  Current level

> Highest day    79,410  Nov. 18
> Prior Peak       59,719  July 23
> Lowest point   27,895  June 14