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Gottleib: What we need now are rapid tests like the ones for flu or strep…

May 4, 2020

Geez, haven’t we been saying that for weeks?
Dr. Scott Gottleib is a former head of the FDA.

In a WSJ columns, Gottleib observes:

Everyone thought we’d be in a better place after weeks of sheltering in place and bringing the economy to a near standstill.

Mitigation hasn’t failed; social distancing and other measures have slowed the spread.

But the halt hasn’t brought the number of new cases and deaths down as much as expected or stopped the epidemic from expanding.

What’s the key to getting the virus under control?


C-19 Data Reference Guide: ALL STATES

May 4, 2020

Tests, Confirmed Cases, Deaths
Cumulative Totals and Key Ratios

Data as of May 3, 2020

Now that we seem to be heading down the backside of “the curve” and are starting to re-open the economy … I thought it would be a good time to heatmap where states stand relative to each other along the key variables: number of tests, confirmed cases and deaths … and, to “normalize” the data by adding some key ratios.

For example, here are the 10 states with the highest number of deaths per million … and the 10 with the lowest number of deaths per million:


>>  Click for a PDF that displays all of the data <<

The reference guide includes sections sorted by:

  • State name (alphabetical)
  • Tests per million (population)
  • Confirmed cases per million (population)
  • Ratio: confirmed (positive) cases to the total number of tests
  • Total deaths to date
  • Deaths per million
  • Ratio:deaths per confirmed (positive) test

All data is sourced from Worldometer as of May 3 2020.

May 4: C-19 Key NATIONAL Data

May 4, 2020

1,154 Daily New Deaths Worldometer
> DOWN for 5 consecutive days
> 7-day trend 1,884 declining slightly
Caution: Weekend reporting has tended to under-report,
catching-up on Mon & Tues

483 NY+NJ+CT 42% of US Total            


See: How will we know when we’ve turned the COVID-19 corner?

Cumulative Deaths 
35,029  NY+NJ+CT 51% of US Total

IHME Model Cumulative US Death Projection:
72,433 by Aug. 4  Rev. DOWN 1,213 on 4/29

click for Key STATES Data
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May 4: C-19 Key STATES Data

May 4, 2020

STATE DEATHS  Worldometer


  • NY+NJ+CT = 35,029  51% of US Total
       NY+NJ+CT = 10% U.S. Population
  • Top 12 Total = 56,662 83% of US Total
      Top 12 Average = 368 Deaths per Million
      Top 12 = 48% of U.S. Population
      Bottom 39 Average = 68 Deaths/Million
  • Maryland 1,281  +30

State-by-State Data – Top 12


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